Fresh data embeded in every decision, interaction and process.

Build, tune and deploy generative AI for any use case with integrated data on the topics you care about.

Global Data Activity:

Why Tofu?

With Tofu AI you can quickly build and train generative machine learning models, and then deploy them into a production-ready hosted environment.

Web scale knowledge

Even with just an idea as the input, our web scale training data catalogue helps you build strong and versatile generative models.

No upfront cost

Building models in the cloud means no need for heavy setups, expensive equipment or long running training jobs.

Deploy generative AI

Tofu makes it easy to deploy AI to the public. Use ready-made applications or integrate privately with our programmable API.

Continuous training

Why AI models go stale

Popular language models have a reverse-best-before-date. By the day they are trained, they are already outdated. ChatGPT-4 has had a knowledge cut-off date of October 2023 even in mid 2024.

In an ever-changing world, it is vital that our AI systems keep up and present users with the most up-to-date information possible.

Our continuous training keeps your AI models up-to-date when new information becomes available.

The power of open models.

Start building models from data automatically provided by our platform. Chose from more than 100.000 pre-trained generative models that have seen much of the world's knowledge already. Optimize for efficiency by picking the right model size at minimum cost.

Excellent competence

Very large models (300+ billion parameter)

Versatile allrounders that perform multiple steps and complex analysis. Best for customer facing usage.

Business process automation

Medium sized models (10 to 200+ billion parameter)

Best combination of speed and competence for automating business processes in an unsupervised manner.

High throughput

Small Models (1 to 9 billion parameter)

Very usable and fast for simple decision making processes.

From idea to generative model with Tofu AI

Looking at the factors that determine the quality and capabilities of a AI model, the underlying training data greatly surpasses the model's scale and training algorithms in importance. A fine and curated dataset makes a strong model.

We provide you with strong search tools on web-scale datasets and build your generative models on this solid foundation. It's like handing over all your web-search results to the model if you were to do this manually, just automated.

Web and API

Sharing your generative models

Let the public interact with your models by sharable applications or integrate privately with our API.