Organizethe internet.

Use artificial intelligence to find very relevant information on the internet.
You get precise results 30x faster.

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Market Mapping

Gather all the data to build a complex and rich market analysis.

Contact Information

Find leads, contacts, companies or explore whole industries.

Trend Analysis

Explore trends with ease and find patterns in the noise of the internet.

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Tofu is an artificial intelligence that reads and organizes the internet. Use Tofu for any type of information research instead of relying on search engines.

with Tofu you


You select a few results that are relevant to your search. With tofu you only have to do this once.

with Tofu you

Train A.I. by marking text.

Tofu allows you to search for ideas and concepts by means of highlighted text.

with Tofu you

Receive results30x faster.

Forget about scanning through hundreds of irrelevant, advertised and similar results until you eventually find what you are looking for: Tofu does this time consuming work for you and delivers meaningful, aggregated results 30x faster.



Always free

Everything you need to get started.

Setup your projects and searches, get first results and train your AI.

Use 50 free credits to test drive Tofu.

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12.99 €/mo

Get your work done 30x faster with Tofu and 200 credits monthly.*

Setup your projects and searches, get first results and train your AI.

Let tofu search the internet for you and receive results at scale.

Download Results as Tables, PDF's or summaries.

Never stop searching: Extra credits can be topped up for 6€ per 100 credits at any point.

Sign up* This is equivalent to around 60 human website-reading hours

Super Firm

Flat rate

Same as 'Firm' but with unlimited usage.

Are you a growing business and have bigger needs?

Is being billed hourly not your cup of tea?

Talk to our team and start using Tofu A.I. with a fixed monthly fee.

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