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Harness the full power of AI with your own hardware and the cloud. Access our suite of AI-powered apps or create your own for entertainment, work, and productivity.

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Describe your AI

Designed to take your digital experience to the next level, Tofu AI running on your own hardware and the cloud comes with a full suite of applications for faster and more accurate results from work and entertainment to getting things done digitally.

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Deliver emotions

Let your branding automatically adapt to your audience.

For your media workflows

Generate large volumes of personalized text, image and 3D.

Seamlessly integrate AI

into Shopify, Wordpress and more than 200 platforms.
Generate Content & Language

Hyper personalized content creation

Generate large volumes of 3D, image, text and video data at high throughput. AI-powered data generation, fine tuned on your data, ensures high quality content that matches your customer's expectations of your brand or organization.

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Artificial intelligence that learns

Train your own AI

Train AI on your documents or knowledge base to turn it into a chat interface. Ask questions about your data and get into a dialog to retrieve knowledge faster. Work with trained autonomous agents that act on your behalf in a fully connected digital world.

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Autonomous Agents

Train AI that acts autonomously on your signals or the internet.

Knowledge GPT

Train AI on your knowledge base or documents and chat with it.

Learning from human feedback

Steer your AI into it's by providing structured human feedback.
Tofu AI Driver

Guided workflows

Whether you're training a chatbot for retrieving specific knowledge or building a recommendation engine, the process typically involves multiple stages of training, evaluation, and iteration. Our Guided Workflows make it easy to move through each step, ensuring that your AI model is properly trained and ready for deployment.

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Sign up for the fastest way to massive production ready datasets and synthetic training data.

Generate your Data

Autonomous micro-AI models, chained.

Train and deploy micro AI models that do one thing extremely well. Chain multiple of these models on a per-task basis with an intuitive visual editor and let us handle all the data, cleanup and compute requirements automatically.

By paying only for the resources you actually use, you maintain full control over cost, performance and scheduling of your workflows. Work with text, 3D, image and video models to chain your custom workflows and serve them to your audience with automaticly created API endpoints available throughout our platform.


Manage end-to-end

Tofu is built to manage workflows of pretty much every every shape and size. Workflows, AI models and data sources can be managed by a single team member or a whole team, through our web UI, via custom code by using our Python SDK or automatically generated APIs that allow you to integrate AI into your own digital products and applications. Create limitless projects and collaborate with your multi-domain team to create complex operations utilizing AI on your data and the internet.